Detox and Organ Flushing

In conjunction with my fasting protocal, I highly recommend a flushing protocol.  Flushing is the cleaning and detoxing of the systems and organs that help remove waste from our body every minute of every day for the life of the body.  I call these systems our WRS – waste removal systems.  Most everyone lives a life that abuses this system thus having a  direct effect on our health.  Targeted cleanses that clean the liver, gallbladder, kidney, colon, lymph and even the brain is highly recommended for a long health life.  Here is my liver and gallbladder flush.  When I did the first flush I was only suffering eye floater and fungus under toe nails.  I noticed a huge difference in the number of floaters after the first flush.  The toe fungus is improving, but not cured.  I do this every three months as a function of body maintenance regardless of symptoms.  LIVER AND GALLBLADDER FLUSH