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Fasting 54 and in the gym
Great to be 54 and your 21 year old daughter wants a selfie with Dad

Thank you for visiting my health page it shows you are concerned for your health and looking for real answers.  Change is intentional and you have already taken the first step.  It is the sole purpose of this page to share my personal journey in search of better health and the daily routine I follow.

The foundation to my health is intermittent fasting and more specifically "Daily Time Restricted Feeding".  Fasting has been a part of human culture since the dawn of time.  Its true benefits have not been scientifically proven until just recently.  There are different methods of fasting that are popular:  Time restricted, alternating and periodic. 


Time restricted eating completes a fasting cycle in a 24 hr period, alternating is 24 hrs fasting and 24 hrs feeding and periodic is 3 - 5 days (or more) of fasting periodically.  Current research supports time restricted and periodic as being the most effective and with similar outcomes.  I follow the feeding restriction principle of 16/8 and  18/6 method of fasting.  

My day calls for "time restricted" feeding window of 6 to 8 hrs and and a fasting window of 16 to 18 hrs per day. The start and stop of the feeding period can be at any time of the day depending on your schedule and lifestyle. The research is still not conclusive if the time of day effects the speed of weight loss, but studies indicate eating your "dinner" earlier (prior to 7 pm)  rather than later is better.


A current study from Loma Linda University suggest a feeding window of morning to early afternoon could have a greater impact on weight loss over other feeding windows.  Just remember no matter what, you will loose weight and improve health as long as you fast and restrict your eating to 6-8 hrs per day.   I do this in order for my body to utilize my stored energy (fat) every day of the year and perform internal processes that only take place when fasted.  

The more your body learns to use fat for fuel, the more efficient it becomes as a fat burning machine.  I fast from 10 pm to approx 3 pm the next day - every day.  Prior to my runs or during the daily fast, I will consume 24oz of my during called Electro-AIDE.  I eat a Monster Green Smoothie around 3 pm (sometimes even later - any hunger at this means I am burning more and more fat), Dinner at 8 pm and a nutritious Chia Cacao Pudding around 9.  All of my calories are consumed in the "time restricted" feeding window.



You to can be a NO Plastic Revolutionary and start your "Plastic Free" lifestyle by joining our revolution today.  Change is intentional.......


Prior to starting any kind of health improvement program, I highly recommend a comprehensive blood test.  Direct Labs offers a very affordable Comprehensive Wellness Profile  (CWP).  Beyond the CWP, I recommend adding a Vitamin D Hydroxy 25 test.   CLICK HERE TO FOR DIRECT LAB.  Click on order test, most popular or monthly special and select the test that best fits your needs.

Now,  I start the day (morning) with ZERO food moving my break fast from the morning to around 3 pm.  In the beginning I did have one Silver Bullet Coffee (optional as additional calories can slow ones progress) and one black coffee every morning to fire up the engine and fuel the brain til I break my fast in the afternoon.  The medium chain fatty acids in my Silver Bullet coffee are all I need (really do not need them because my body will make them from fat stores, but I like to start the day with the boost).


It is that simple, you have to do nothing else.  You buy nothing, you subscribe to nothing, you have more time in the day, you save money on food (we waste so much), you live longer (30%), you increase HGH production by 400%, you grow your own stem cells, reduce the need for healthcare and drop body fat like you have never seen before.  Below you will find my starter videos if you are interested in intermittent fasting; three doctors sharing the benefits of intermittent fasting – please take the time to watch them all.  If you have benefited from this information please share your story below.

“Breakfast? What’s that? Been fasting through that time zone for months and I’ve never felt better. Thank you Rob Stehlin for recommending IF. That along with a “sensible” diet and weight training has given me an opportunity to buy a whole new wardrobe. Down 29 lbs and counting”   Lenny P  – South Carolina

Are you looking to document your transformation on the inside?  If so, a’Beachin recommends the following blood testing laboratory Direct Labs.  Order your test online at very affordable prices and report to a local blood draw facility for fast turn around time.   CLICK HERE to order your blood work today

IF you are not comfortable ordering online,  you can call the labs 800 number and order your labs over the phone CALL 800-908-0000 AND use the code  R – ABEACH



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  1. Hi Rob. I’ve been doing the intermittent fasting for 2 years and lost 85 lbs. I feel great while following a Paleo lifestyle combined with the 16/8.

    1. I am so happy to hear of your results. Has it been difficult to follow? Besides food, are you doing anything else?

  2. Awesome page, Rob! Keep up the great work. Love all the resources here.

  3. Great content. Thanks!

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