Rob’s ELECTRO-AIDE – Magnesium & Mineral Supplement

Upwards of 60% of the USA population is magnesium deficient due to door diet that is deficient in leafy greens, raw nuts, and fruit.[13]  Our bodies need magnesium and other minerals to operate properly.  Muscle cramping and wrestless leg issues can be attributed to magnesium deficiency.  Athletes that have sore muscles and cramping during recovering can shorten the recovery period by increasing magnesium.   Here is my go to drink   ELECTRO-AIDE that is really simple to make and tastes great all while being ZERO CALORIES and will not break your fast.


900 MG ( 1/4 teaspoo)  Magnesium Glycinate

500 MG Potassium  (1 teaspoon)  Cream of Tarter

500 MG to 1000 MG Sodium  (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon)   Pink Himalaya Salt

Apple Cider Vingar  (2 tablespoons)   Brags is the BEST

1 lime


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