Natural Oral Care Products

Join the #PlasticWarriors revolution in our effort to detoxify the bathroom and rid it of toxic chemicals, petroleum products and plastics.  Our oral care line of products is a great place to start.  The best way to protect yourself from the unknown effects of chemicals is to not expose yourself to them.  For decades we have debated if it is safe to ingest fluoride via our public drinking supply while on a tube of toothpaste it is labeled a hazardous compound and regulated by the FDA as a drug to the extent we are directed to call poison control if ingested. In short fluoride is a waste product produced by the aluminum and fertilizer industry that is considered hazardous waste and disposal in our public drinking water is all about money.  a'Beachin has a solution, just do not use any product orally or on your skin that has fluoride as an ingredient.  Fluoride is just one of 100's of chemicals that are in our lives that will effect us today and in the future.


 a’Beachin was founded to challenge the current belief that we can not live without the modern conveniences of chemicals, petroleum products, artificial coloring, and other toxic man made ingredients.   We understand how hard it is to be toxin free, but we feel it is well worth the effort and ask you join us in our revolution to change through out the world how personal care products are formulated and manufactured.


Our oral care products will not change the world in regards to the amount of chemicals manufactured, but it will send a message as more and more consumers switch from products that depend heavily on man made ingredients to products that rely on "all natural" products.


a’Beachin has a basic selection of oral care products to fit the taste and budget of all consumers from 4 years old to 98.  Our "waterless" tooth powder "Teeth Goop" comes in one variety combining the flavors or Turmeric and Neem and without baking soda.  Our toothbrush is great for children and adults alike and is completely biodegradable.  Our Miswak stick and lip balms work for all and at a price point that is affordable for everyone. Please note that our Miswak stick does come packaged in plastic.  We are working diligently to find a supplier that supports our NO PLASTIC commitment and hope to solve this problem soon in order to adhere to our purpose.

a’Beachin is committed to making a difference on a global scale, are you with us?  If you are ready to make a radical change in your oral health - for the better, click on the link below and you will be connected with our SIMPLE, and affordable all natural solutions.

TEETH GOOP - Teeth cleaning powder
Turmeric Powder – India, Organic
Neem Powder - India, Organic
Bentonite Clay – USA, Food Grade
Kaolin Clay – USA, Food Grade
Activated Charcoal - USA, Food Grade
Xylitol – China, Non GMO
Stevia – USA
Container:  Steel - made in USA from recycled steel
SIZE:  2.0 oz
DuPont bio-degradable bristles