Plastic Free Double Edge Razors

Join the #PlasticWarriors in our effort to detoxify the bathroom and rid it of chemicals and plastics.  Our line of double edged razors is a great place to start.  In the USA alone we dispose of over 4 billion plastic razors all driven by our need for convenience - you can thank DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB & Harry's.  Plastic is everywhere from our oceans to our land fills and it's production and consumption is driven by consumer demand.  a'Beachin was founded to challenge the current belief that we can not live without "single use plastics".  We understand how hard it is, but we feel it is well worth the effort and ask you join us in this revolution to detoxify the bathroom and beyond.


Our razor will not change the world in regards to the amount of plastic that is produced and consumed each individual, but it will send a message as more and more consumers switch from disposable products to long lasting products.  From plastic to more sustainable materials like steel.  Currently only 6.5% of plastic is recycled while over 95% of steel is recycled. 6.5% is just unacceptable after 60+ years.  The plastic industry has failed to protect the public health and consumers must now lead.


a'Beachin has a great selection of double edge razors to fit the style and budget of all shavers.  Our budget razor is great for those who do not want to invest much yet reap the benefits of a daily eco-friendly shave.  Our premium razors give you 100 dollar quality at a quarter the cost.  Our travel razor is second to none and will serve you for decades.

a'Beachin also carries a line of razor blades combined with our all-in-one soap to meet all of your daily shaving needs.  Are you ready to make the jump to a detoxify your bathroom with a product that is good for the environment, others and YOU?  Click on the link below and join our revolution.

JOIN NOW......and start reducing your plastic footprint TODAY


MANUFACTURED:  Pakistan - Brass

COLOR:  Black, Pink, Chrome (4 piece travel)

WEIGHT:   115 grams



STEEL:  South Korea or Sweden


Reference our "All in One" bar